“I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to Trish for everything she has done for me throughout my time on the Voice Of Ireland. Her hard work and dedication to each of the contestants was something that is so amazing and so rare. But personally, what Trish did for me is something I will be forever grateful for, beginning my journey as a singer on the voice I had very little confidence in myself both on and off the stage and no previous experience. Her ability to not only develop my vocals in such a short period of time but also my confidence both on and off stage is something I will carry with me going forward. Without her, none of what I achieved would have been possible and for the first time everything clicked and I was able to go out on stage feeling confident and capable in my ability. Working with Trish is something I will always carry with me and something I will be forever grateful for – Thank you Trish for developing my vocals and teaching me so much, but mostly thank you for building my confidence in myself and my own ability and talent that is something I will carry with me in whatever I do”. Kirsty Rose Scales – Voice of Ireland Contestant 2016

“I hope you’re well and continuing to joyously inspire the future generations of singers in Ireland. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your coaching and advice throughout the show. Your role was so much more than a vocal instructor because you got behind each and everyone contestant and made them believe in their potential and that’s a gift so much greater than the ability to sing. I didn’t have much experience with contemporary practice prior to the show but I’ve left enlivened with a desire to learn as much as possible. For me singing is about one thing: communication. You did this so effortlessly in every session and made me comfortable to loosen my prior hold on technique and give in to the musicality of every performance.Had it not been for your understanding and empathy during my rehearsal for the quarter finals I don’t think I would have allowed myself to let the music take hold and for that I’m eternally grateful because it’s my proudest performance. We must still hold each other to our Eurovision promise and I hope our paths cross very soon. All the best.” Ciaran O’ Driscoll (Voice of Ireland Quarter Finalist 2016)

“When I first met Trish I thought I had my voice in control and that I knew everything I could do with it. And then I came across with a whole new universe of sirens, humming and buzzing sounds, silent cheers and spinning tongues – and much more, all soaked in hot water – and everything started to feel different. I even learned more about my body whilst performing and how not to let the nerves get the best of me. I had amazing moments learning her techniques and my life was never the same again, every time I go on a stage to sing, I know what my voice needs to shine brighter! Thank you, Trish for all the kindness, for understanding my voice, for all the tips and patience with me!” Emmie Reek (Voice of Ireland Quarter Finalist)

“Thank you so much Trish, you always help boost my confidence when I need it most – I always couldn’t wait for vocal day because you’re just a ball of energy and you are amazing at what to do, we will cross paths again I’m sure of it”. Alison Rushe (Voice of Ireland Contestant) https://www.facebook.com/Alison-Rushe-Music-186660891681306/?fref=ts


“When I needed a singing coach to prepare me for a play in which I would have to sing several numbers, I fell on my feet when I engaged Trish Rooney.  Before I went to Trish I would call myself a safe singer, by that I mean I would only sing in my range as I was afraid to take risks.  After several lessons with Trish I was singing at a whole new level.  The quality and tone of my voice improved beyond my wildest dreams.  My range improved giving me a new found confidence enabling me to reach notes I would have never attempted before.  Trish is a gifted, patient and encouraging teacher and I will continue to attend her classes”  Eilish O’Carroll.  http://eilishocarroll.com



“Trish Rooney vocal coached me between the ages of 14 and 18 and she was an essential decision for my vocal training. Trish’s teachings taught me not only cutting edge vocal techniques and about vocal health, but her classes also allowed me to develop as an artist. Trish helped me retain my individuality as a singer while also pushing me to experiment with other genres.

When I started receiving lessons from Trish, my self-confidence on stage was quite poor, however she helped me improve my stage fright by leaps and bounds through exercises and frequent vocal concerts that she organized for her students. Trish is one of the rare vocal coaches that you can tell is genuinely invested in her students. Under her teachings, she was always a quick message away if I had any queries about my voice or performance techniques.

I am now studying a BA (Hons) vocal degree in creative musicianship at BIMM London and my acceptance was largely down to how well Trish prepared me for the audition. Throughout my time with Trish, she was constantly organizing Master classes, gigs, and coming up with new vocal techniques. I would certainly say she is one of the most dedicated popular music vocal coaches in Ireland, perhaps even further afield” Jessica Matthews.



“It’s obvious from Trish’s long list of qualifications that she knows what she’s doing. But, what stands out the most about Trish is that she has a true passion for teaching. You can see just how much she wants to help you improve. She’s not one of these musician’s who teaches on the side to make some extra cash. She is meant to be a teacher. I always come out of lessons with Trish feeling motivated and inspired to achieve my very best. It’s not often you find a teacher as invested, caring and friendly. Thanks for everything Trish! X ”  Alison Ronayne.


“Trish has been my vocal coach for the last 3 years now. Since I’ve started to take vocal lesson’s wih her im a completely different singer! When I first started singing, i was very shy and I felt sick with the thought of performing in front of people, now im a sassy diva who can’t keep off that stage all thanks to Trish! Also my voice has changed totally! My vocal range has increased loads and I have gained a lot more technique! Trish has easy fun ways to learn these techniques and you’ll be surprise and how quick you’ll learn them! My favourite thing about Trish is that she is always so determined to help you achieve your goals! I would recommend her as a vocal coach to anyone, she is truly amazing!” Nicole Mannix (All Ireland Teenstars Winner 2015).


“Trish has been my vocal coach for over a year now and in this short amount of time I have gained so much knowledge and confidence in my voice. I have also learned how to preform more effectively and how to communicate the music. Trish’s classes are relaxed and enjoyable and I would highly recommend to anybody who is interested in bettering their confidence, vocal and performance skills” Stephanie O’ Brien.


“From the very first lesson with my singing teacher Trish Rooney, I knew I was going to love it. Everything Trish had to say and teach made sense to me and made singing so much easier. I am incredibly grateful to The Academy of Popular Music for everything they do and have done for me. I know without doubt that I would not be where I am today without their help, teachings, guidance, support and their faith in me. It is what The Academy is all about. We are a team. We work together and we support one another and in doing that, we watch one another grow as performers and artists” Shauna Nolan (Voice of Ireland Contestant 2015).




“Trish Rooney has taught me so many things over the past year, whether it’s about warming up vocally, or to never be afraid to achieve your dreams. From the moment I walked through her door I knew i’d gained not only a teacher, but a friend. I’ve been given the confidence to sing in front of hundreds of people, to believe in myself, and to even consider a career in music in the future. Trish’s technique of teaching and incredible dedication creates a happy, fun and interesting learning environment for all her students. Her classes teach vocal warm-ups, how to extend range, study of pop vocalists and their style of singing, and much more imaginative and important subjects when it comes to musicianship. Trish always aims to be the best that she can be, and encourages her students to walk through life with the same attitude. She is incredibly passionate about music and has taught me that there is a whole life of music waiting for me to explore, all I have to do is believe, work, and most importantly, love every moment ” Katie O’Shea.